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Our Mission

We are committed to inspiring in you a new approach to authentic leadership, and career development, so you may take innovative action to achieve your desired winning success. 

Our coaching programs are custom made for your specific needs.

Our style is strategic, direct, and ‘on-the-spot’ solution-focused to help you move forward today -- and create enduring enhanced personal and organizational impact.

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About Us

We are executive coaches and industry leaders with extensive experience spanning the world’s top markets. 


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We work exclusively with C-Suite executives, leadership teams,  high potentials, and entrepreneurs in Global Fortune 500 companies, creative organizations, and innovative businesses.








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Executive Coaching

We help executives become unequivocally more effective by achieving enduring change in their leadership thinking and behavior for enhanced competitive advantage.


Enhanced Self-Awareness

Transformational Leadership

Effective Communication

High-Impact Strategy

Developing High Potentials 

Group Coaching 

We help executive and high potential teams create an authentic approach to collective leadership to exponentially augment enduring organizational impact.  



Enhanced Self-Awareness

Transformational Leadership

Effective Communication

High-Impact Strategy

Developing High Potentials 



Career Coaching 

We help leaders design the next chapter of their career and find a job that makes them happy and excited to wake up and go to work.


Design Your Career Strategy & Roadmap

Create Impactful Career Search Tools

Leverage Effective Job Search Strategies

Transition With Ease

Manage Your Career Development 

Seeking a Quick Fix?

Sorry. There isn't one.

Change and transformation are absolutely possible IF you are willing to go the distance

It's easier with help from an experienced professional like a Coach. 

Trust the process. 

Trust yourself.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
— Mahatma Gandhi

Some Clients Say

Working with Nina was a total game changer in my career search. I had been looking for a year with no luck. A friend referred me to Nina and within 12 weeks of working together I landed my perfect position.
— Barry, Executive Producer, London
Nina taught me how to prepare and deliver a keynote speech. Her guidance, techniques and tips, support, and motivation were exceptional. I now work with Nina to prepare for every presentation.
— Suzanne, SVP, Fashion, New York City
I was referred to Nina to help me transition to a new career. Her coaching helped build my confidence and eventually resulted in my recent promotion. I have re-hired Nina to help develop my leadership skills.
— John, SVP, Investment Banking, New York City
The feedback, support and expertise Nina offered at each stage of my job search was invaluable, and provided me a lens I could not get from sector peers or former colleagues. Having Nina by my side throughout this process radically changed the ‘job search’ experience. I continue to work with Nina on other professional objectives and she has become a powerful guide for me in career growth and development. -
— Veronica, SVP, Marketing, New York City
I got the job! Thank you for everything you have done to help me take charge of my career and land this amazing new job.
— Lisa, SVP, Advertising, New York City
Nina understood what I needed from the start. We first worked on improving my visibility and value at the office, which I thought was a lost cause. Once that was stabilized, Nina and I worked on defining and refocusing my personal and professional goals. For the first time in a long time, I’m excited and enthusiastic to be facing challenges and working toward goals that are professionally and personally meaningful.
— Michael, VP, Financial Services, New York City
At last, I now have direction, momentum, and enthusiasm for where I am headed. Thank you!
— Erica, Creative SVP, New York City
Nina helped me figure out how to manage my time and better balance the demands of work and family, and how to make time for myself.
— Sarah, Entertainment VP, Los Angeles
Nina has shown me, and continues to show me, ways to step back and look at those huge tasks in my life with new eyes, and that it is possible to change careers and make it happen not on someone else’s schedule but mine. I can honestly say that she has changed my life for the positive and I don’t know what I would do without her. Her guidance has given me the wings of confidence that I need to soar over the gullies of self-doubt.
— Shane, Entrepreneur, Boston
Through coaching, I have become more empowered by my unique talents to do something I love. I have become a highly skilled and well-educated job candidate, knowledgeable about what employers are looking for, and about how to network into a position.
— Richard, SVP, Corporate Communications, Washington DC

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Action is the foundational key to all success.
— Pablo Picasso